CPT's on water

When probing on the water, use is made of a number of casings which fit into each other. Theseare sure to prevent buckling which are a result of the enormous forces which occur during theprobing on water and may cause the probings rods to fail. The outer casing pipes have a diameter of approximately 300 mm. For an exact fit, there are several adapters on board in addition to the standard lengths of 1500 mm. The weight of the casings is about 175 kg per meter.

Because the casings, but also various other materials necessary for a correct output, are too heavy to be able to assemble and disasseble by hand power only an eight ton crawler crane from GSNED is present on the pontoon.
This crane is provided with a number of special auxiliary devices so that the probing work can be carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Because of the use of pontoons and a push / tugboat it is possible to work both on open and closed waters. GSNED has materials to water depths up to 25 meters can be overcome. GSNED has the equipment and materials to overcome water depths up to 25 meters. With 25 meters water depth we can still reach probings of 25 to 30 meters or up to a depth at which 20 tonnes of reaction force is reached. The CPT locations are usually determined by use of DGPS (X and Y coordinates with respect to the RD coordinate range (Dutch standard), Z coordinate relative to the Dutch NAP waterlevel which equals Amsterdam Ordnance Datum, OAD).

Of all by GSNED performed probing projects, a geotechnical report is drawn up. By default this report, in addition to the well-known CPT graphs, contains a soil profile which was derived fromthe corresponding probing.
Optionally, GSNED can provide you with geotechnical cross sections and / or longitudinalsections. In addition GSNED also has sophisticated equipment to compile very detailed depth charts.
These cards can be supplied in both 2D and 3D.

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