CPT's Veerse Meer

On behalf of a Belgian contractor, 51 tests are being carried out on the Veerse Meer. The soundings will be carried out to a depth of 25 meters minus water bottom, the water depth varies from about 4 meters to about 13 meters.

Of the 51 CPT's, 46 pieces will be carried out with only measurement of the cone resistance and the local adhesive and 5 pieces with measurement of the cone resistance, the local adhesive and registration of the water pressure.
The soundings are necessary for the realization of a new hotel on the Veerse Meer, about 200 meters from the side.
The hotel to be realized will consist of a 2- or 3-layer underground car park under water and 4 floors above water.

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GSNED BV has accepted the assignment from the Municipality of Goes to perform...