Our realized projects

Below you find a selection of some of our projects.
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  • Water CPT's Kraayert harbor Flushing

    ASK Romein has purchased the industrial buildings of the former shipyard De Donge on the current plot of Hillebrand in Flushing East. With this purchase, ASK Romein wants to give itself the space, literally and figuratively, to realize even larger and more complex projects.

    The location in the harbor is unique, situated on very deep waterways where the larger installation vessels can moor directly. This makes it possible to build larger bridges and offshore structures that can be transported directly over the water.

  • CPTs Hillegersberg, Rotterdam

    GSNED BV has accepted the assignment from Gebr. van ‘t Hek bv from Zuidoostbeemster to perform additional geotechnical soil surveys for the project “Looslaan 9 in Hillegersberg”.

    For project C.N.A. At Looslaan 9 in Hillegersberg we performed 12 CPTs. 3 CPTs with measurement of cone resistance and local adhesive. These CPTs had an average depth of around 25.40 meters minus ground level.

    We have also carried out 9 water CPTs. These were situated next to the plot where we carried out the land surveys. These CPTs had an average depth of 27.8 meters minus the water bottom.

    In addition to the above CPT activities, we have carried out sonar measurements from the water. Of course everything with our own equipment so that a fast processing time is guaranteed.

  • Marina Goes

    GSNED BV has accepted the assignment from the Municipality of Goes to perform geotechnical soil surveys for the “Marina Goes” project. For this project we performed 13 CPTs from the water. With the help of pontoons, which were steered by our push boat GSNED 18, 13 CPTs were carried out at the project locations with the measurement of cone resistance and local adhesive. The average depth was approximately 10 meters below the water bottom.

  • Cycling underpass Sint-Lievenpoort in Ghent

    GSNED has accepted the assignment from Artes Depret nv from Zeebrugge to carry out additional geotechnical soil investigation for the project "Cycling underpass Sint-Lievenpoort (R40 Sint-Lievenslaan) in Ghent". For this, 2 verification CPTs were carried out with the measurement of cone resistance and local adhesive. These inspections had to be carried out on the water under an existing bridge, which made the movement space extra tight and the challenge extra high. We used pontoons with a crawler crane and mounted our 20-ton CPT platform on it. Through casing tubes, which we placed next to the piles, we could be sure that the CPT rods would not bend.

  • Hollandse IJsselkering

    The storm surge barrier Hollandse IJssel, Hollandsche IJsselkering or Algera barrier is a weir in the Hollandse IJssel, in the Dutch province of South Holland, which serves to prevent too much water from entering the country in the event of extremely high tide. It is the oldest work of art of the Delta Works. Rijkswaterstaat has maintenance work carried out which will be carried out by Aannemingsbedrijf de Klerk bv. The work mainly consists of implementing improvement measures on the sheet piles of the Hollandsche IJsselkering complex. Part of this includes the preparation of a geotechnical survey report.

  • 70 meter deep CPT's for Sluishuis Amsterdam

    Sluishuis will become THE new architectural landmark of Amsterdam and a jewel for the IJburg district. Sluishuis will be situated near Steigereiland-Noord and is located directly in the IJ, thereby doing justice to the beauty of the surrounding water. The Sluishuis consists of approximately 440 apartments, parking spaces, commercial spaces and mooring places for houseboats.