GSNED, which stands for Geoservices Nederland, was originally a trade name of the engineering firm BMNED and under this trademark BMNED carried out its field service activities since 2006.

At the time, the field work consisted mainly of carrying out Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs), or soundings, and land surveys, but expansion of the service package did not take long. The first excavator was purchased, own trucks were used for transport of both our own machines and those of third parties, and additional soundings equipment and materials were purchased. In mid-2008 an extra division was added to the fieldwork department and a start was made on performing static test loads. In this division of expertise GSNED also got off to a flying start, GSNED now has all possible test equipment and all kinds of foundation piles and anchors can be tested through failure tests, capacity and control tests, static as well as dynamic and statnamic.

Over the years, GSNED grew steadily, GSNED BV was founded and with the expansion of the machine park and the means of transport, the staffing also increased. The GSNED team consists of a group of enthusiastic and loyal professionals with a big heart for the business.

We are proud of our equipment, the CPT-units, the various digging and earthmoving machines, the trucks with trailers and low-loaders and the large diversity of attachments. We are extremely proud of our showpieces, the GSNED17, our work ship for all water-related activities and last but not least our strong MAN 41.640 8x4 heavy transport truck with the Broshuis 3-bed-5 low-loader, capable of 95 tons of payload.

We have already been able to realize beautiful projects, from small to very large, very diverse, in the Netherlands as well as across the country's borders and interesting assignments are offered every day, in all kinds of areas. Our clients include contractors, governments, municipalities, project developers, industrial parties, water boards and also private individuals.

Together with sister company BMNED, GSNED BV operates from its business premises at the Rooseveltlaan in Terneuzen where, in addition to offices, it also has over 900 m2 of well-equipped workshops and warehouses and an outdoor area of approximately 6,000 m2. There is also a warehouse available at the quay in Terneuzen where the work ship is moored.

GSNED BV specializes in all types of civil engineering works and transports and has high quality and safety in the performance of its work. The certification of our quality management system proves demonstrably that GSNED BV meets all the requirements of the standard. TUV Netherlands will test and assess this through periodic visits. The VCA ** certificate shows that GSNED BV also meets the requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment.

In addition, GSNED BV has the CO2 performance ladder level 3 certificate and we are constantly working on improving and raising the current level.

GSNED BV has its own in-house KAM coordinator who continuously maintains the certified management system.

Say what you do and do what you say is what GSNED stands for;

Your best buddy when it comes to land or water!


And to ensure that we can continue to assist you in the future with the same knowledge and, last but not least, experience, we get the next generation acquainted with all that our interesting work has to offer.

Wij hebben de toekomst al in huis!