Canal Dock B3 BASF Antwerp

Canal Dock B3 (250 meters wide and 11 meters deep and 81.29 ha) belongs to chemical giant BASF Antwerp, the largest integrated chemical production center in Belgium and the second largest production platform of the BASF Group worldwide. The Canal Dock B3 has connections for tankers for the loading and unloading by cranes on land. In addition, there are connections for chlorine and sulfur pipes. In the western oriented BASF inlet dock there are bag loaders and loading tubes for bulk cargo. 

To be able to allow the ever-growing sea vessels to moor BASF Antwerp new mooring facilities are being realized. GSNED, the fieldwork department BMNED, performed geotechnical site investigations on behalf of BASF Antwerp. he survey consisted of 35 tons CPT’s performed on water. Using standard CPT equipment (20 tons) the hard sand layer with a cone resistances of over 90 MPa could not be penetrated. GSNED has performed the CPT’s of 25 meters minus sediment with an especially for this job manufactured 35 tons CPT tower and successfully completed the job. Over virtually the entire itinerary cone resistances of 30 MPa or higher were registered during probing, with as a peak a layer of 3 to 4 meters with cone resistances of over 90 MPa at a depth of 10 meters below the water bottom. 

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