Shovel Hitachi ZW310-6

Today our Hitachi ZW310 was delivered. This machine, delivered by Pladdet, is a Hitachi ZW310 wheel loader with an engine power output of 222kW and a weight of just under 25 tons.

This machine is built for durability and reliability and that fits our company policy perfectly. This machine is the successor of our Komatsu and makes sure that our machinery is up-to-date again to ensure that we can serve our clients with the durability and reliability that they are used to.

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  • GSNED18

    At the start of 2019 we were priviliged to start use of our newest vessel. The GSNED 18 is the little brother (or sister) of the GSNED17 and is 8.00 meters long and 3.15 meters wide. A Weichai engine with 203 hp provides the propulsion. Of course the boat is equipped with all lighting such as searchlight and navigation lighting as well as the necessary safety and rescue equipment such as fire extinguishers, lifebuoys and vests. In addition, 2 Tirfor winches are mounted on the front. The own weight of the GSNED 18 is approximately 8 tons.

  • New website online!

    We proudly present you our new website. A new milestone within our organization. Because time and developments do not stand still, our new website is completely of this time and suitable for all media.

    Besides news and a selection of our projects, you will find an overview of our equipment and the services we offer. Gradually we will add more. The new site will take some getting used to, but is visually more attractive than the predecessor and a lot more user-friendly.