GSNED is GMP+ certified

What is GMP + certification?
Animal feeding companies can switch to Good Manufacturing / Managing Practice. This regulation, better known as the GMP regulation, makes it demonstrable for companies that feeds and ingredients for food meet the legal requirements and extra-legal requirements agreed with chain parties. This scheme is particularly intended for food companies that sell residual products in the animal feed sector.

In order to be able to supply foodd companies and raw material traders, suppliers of food materials or raw materials established in the Netherlands must at least meet the conditions of the GMP regulation. GMP + is the certification for the animal feeding industry. It is not required by law, but the industry has opted for this certification to safeguard risks and to avoid risks to consumers. GMP + requires a quality system within the animal feeding company that ensures feed safety.

GMP + certification is possible for all links in the chain. From production to trade, storage, affreightment and transport. In this way, it is guaranteed at every step that the food continues to meet the safety requirements. In the case of GSNED, this concerns the GMP + B4 certification for our transport department. Through this certification we can demonstrate that we meet all conditions set by the certification authority and we guarantee quality for every load again so that you can leave the transport to us with confidence.

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  • Company closure during holidays

    Due to the holidays, our business office is closed from Monday 21st of December 2020 to Friday 1st of January 2021. On Monday, January 3rd 2020 we are again fully at your disposal.
    For urgent matters, you can always contact Michael de Nijs (+31 618 013 412).

    Management and staff of GSNED wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2021!

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