Acoustic measurements of foundation piles

Sonic integrity testing of foundation piles

The sonic integrity testing of foundation piles, especially in situ piles like concrete and/or mortar screw piles, is a quick and economical way to check whether the piles are showing any signs of discontinuity. Using a nylon hammer, a stress wave is manually introduced into the pile. The wave is reflected by the pile tip and the discontinuities present in the pile shaft such as changes in the diameter (reductions, constrictions, swelling), cracks, ruptures, soil containment and differences in the quality of the concrete.

The movement of the pile head caused by the blow of the hammer and its reflections are measured with an accelerometer. The signal is then electronically processed (amplified, filtered and integrated), after which it is made visible on a screen on a time base and saved to a disk. Generally speaking, a more detailed analysis and interpretation of the acquired measurements is carried out at the office. When an immediate verdict on the measurements is required it is possible to make a direct assessment on location (if our project leaderis also on location).

When the pile is measured, loose particles, dirt and soil need to be removed from the pile head, as well as any crests.

With emphasis should be noted that by measuring the piles there will be no data available concerning the bearing capacity of the pile; only faults in the pile shaft can be detected.

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