Magnetic field

Magnetometer CPT's are used for the detection of iron-containing objects in the subsurface. The measuring principle of the magnetometer is based on the detection of magnetic irregularities caused by iron-containing objects. By measuring this local deviation of the total magnetic field, the location of conductive objects and layers can be accurately determined. The size of the measured deviation is proportional to the amount of ferrous metal in the subsurface.

Applications in which the magnetometer can be used include:

  • Determining sheet piling and / or pile lengths (with reinforced piles);
  • The detection of unexploded explosives (NGE), such as eg plane bombs, mortars, grenades;
  • The detection of metal-containing cables and pipes and / or electricity-carrying pipes.

During the execution of the magnetometer CPT, the standard probing parameters such as point resistance, adhesive and slope can also be taken into account. If desired, the water pressure can also be registered. This simultaneous registration of geotechnical parameters and the magnetic field can be used to indicate in which soil layers the possible metal objects are located. In addition, the information obtained can be used for carrying out various geotechnical studies.

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