Hand probings

In a small country like the Netherlands substantial differences in the loading capacity of the soil can still be seen. For example, peatland has a far more volatile behaviour than sand and clay has a completely different composition. For the construction of roads or the building of houses and business premises a correct loading capacity of the soil is necessary. It may therfore be necessary to compact the soil.

After this compaction works of after applying soil improvements the loading capacity of the soil needs to be checked. GSNED uses probing by hand to do these measurements. This is a shallow CPT which is carried out with a hand probing unit.

Our geotechnical staff have years of experience in performing manual CPT's and are able to give an advise concerning the soil density based upon the data of the measurements.

In accordance with the traditional method by means of a washer insert a small amount of soil is removed which is then examined in a laboratory flue. In comparison with this method a hand-CPT is a much faster and more economical method.

Besides the local soil control after compaction works, BMNED provides hand probings for other purposes, including:

  • general soil science research;
  • foundation recommendations;
  • detection of compacted soil layers.

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